Tricks and Treats


Y’all know Stretch is away at college, which is great for her but not so great for us.  The worst part is when she misses holidays.  She was particularly sad to have missed Halloween at home, despite being too old for Trick or Treat.  I took her to a local store, where they sell candy in bulk and she got treats that way, but it wasn’t the same.

So THIS year, I have started picking up things for her that I will send up as a Halloween care package.  So far I’ve found everything from decorations, to pumpkin carving kits, autumn scented candles, and nail polish.  I’ve also picked up a few candies, however, the no wheat rule is proving more difficult than I anticipated.

I had NO idea that gummy bears, and Sour Patch Kids have wheat in them!

Malted milk balls, chocolate bars with crispy rice cereal, even some milk chocolates all contain gluten thanks to the barley used in malted milk… Wonka Nerds have gluten in them… as does the oh so delicious original Milky Way bar.

However there are PLENTY of gluten free treats I can pack for Stretch, and thankfully, the internet has once again provided a comprehensive list of gluten-free candies right here.  I also plan on making some homemade treats like popcorn balls, caramel apples, and sweet Chex mix (with rice and corn Chex!)

What’s YOUR favorite Halloween candy?  If it’s gluten-free it may find a place in Stretch’s care package.  I’m always looking for inspiration.  I will get started on packaging these goodies for her starting this weekend, and next week after my theater show is over I’ll whip up the homemade treats.  I want to put it all in the mail to her by mid month so that she has time to use all the cute decorations and party supplies.

And with that handy list I’ll be able to more easily determine what I can steal from the younger kids treat bags.  Just don’t tell them I said so!