I learned a lot about myself today

It’s FRIDAY! It’s also my day off…and rather than sleep in, I got asked if I would accompany some friends to have the most fun possible at 9 am on a Friday. I hadn’t really planned this trip, so I didn’t have a whole lot of cash on me. I decided I was just going to go to help Kim and her mom do the bidding, kind of like an auction coach. Instead here’s what I discovered about myself:

I suck at being an auction coach. I’m much better being an auction participant.

It does not matter how many I have in my freezer, or in my fridge, I am physically unable to walk away from fresh green beans.

I will indeed buy a bushel of sweet potatoes just because they’re tiny and cute.

I am going to need many recipes and ideas for things to do with butternut squash ($4 for a huge boxl? REALLY?)

Nothing makes me squeal like a little kid than finding farm fresh asparagus on the last day of summer and then only paying $3 each for 4 huge bunches.

So I could REALLY tell that the seasons have changed, because there weren’t nearly the number of wagons lined up to sell the produce. Additionally, there were far fewer cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini. Instead we were treated to the emergence of pumpkins, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and kale. It was still beautiful, and two weeks from now, I’ll be back out there bidding on greens, apples, pears, and mums!

But for today, here’s what I got:


Total spent? $30

Herbs, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, green beans, poblano peppers (which will be dried to make ancho chiles!!) asparagus… Yum.

I look at my impromptu trip as a journey toward self discovery…and at least my addiction is healthy, right? RIGHT?

Oh and I got to see Dave from Zekiah Farms at the auction too. Always a bonus. PLEASE go visit him and his wife…they run a QUALITY operation and are awesome folks to be around. Besides, their price on organic, free range chicken cannot be beat. For real. Go see him, and tell him that Stacy said “Hi!”