Flu and food

Don’t let the title worry you, all is well here at Casa de Hectic. Luckily I cooked up chicken and meatballs, sprouts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes earlier in the week so that has kept me well fed during lunches at work. Also NO sodas! Just water and tea. No artificial sweeteners, nothing chemical or yucky. So far I feel fine. Still obviously detoxing and getting the sugar and junk out of my system.

I went to get a checkup this week too, and will have blood drawn for all the usual labs. The doc and I talked a bit about this flu season. She agreed that its been a bad one already, with lots of folks getting hit HARD by the flu and other viral things.

It got me to really thinking about when I get sick. Usually I can tie my illness to two direct factors: stress and diet. Guess what happens when my stress level goes up? I eat poorly, or not at all. With my food allergy, that stresses my immune system and then WHAMMO! I’m sick. I know this sounds obvious and nothing new, but maybe writing it here will keep me accountable.

The next time I am overly stressed and I blog that I’m having ice cream or bourbon and cola for dinner, you have permission to yell at me. You have permission to remind me to NOT be stupid. Deal?

And if you are sick with the flu, I promise I will share my chicken soup recipe to make you feel better.

I think that’s a great deal, don’t you?

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