Herbaceous and HELLACIOUS


Had a wonderfully long day today… finished up the goodies for Stretch’s Halloween care package, and got a few moments in my herb garden to do some harvesting and general tidying up. Man, what I found there looked a little like Europe gone WRONG. You see, I planted two kinds of oregano a few years back…Greek oregano and Italian oregano. I planted two very small plants of each. I planted one fairly decent sized rosemary plant, two thyme plants, two sage, two French tarragon, and some mint. Now yes, I also planted some tender herbs (like my sweet sweet basil) that don’t come back year after year, but the perennials I’ve already related to you.

Now, last year the mint got yanked because it was taking over. I had mint EVERYWHERE. So I pulled it all out and left everything else. My herb garden is completely organic. I do NOTHING to it besides water, and a little hardwood mulch. That’s it. If I’m home, and can remember, I will weed it by hand, and I regularly make a trip outside with my shears to harvest something to throw on dinner. This summer I was busy, this fall I was even busier, and so my herbs had been left alone to fend for themselves.

Well, Greece and Italy had basically overrun everything and were sharing that tramp, Rosemary. For real, my oregano was EVERYWHERE. It was lovely, but it was spilling over everything else and had managed to conquer my French tarragon (but I guess the French being conquered isn’t anything new…) and it also choked out my sage. Rosemary had gone from being a respectable size plant to being an evergreen I want to bedeck with white lights, red bows, and a star on top. YIKES.


So I got in there today and ran Greece back to it’s borders. I pruned the sage back hard, and also shaped up the rosemary so that it wasn’t quite so unwieldy. I started working on the Italian plants, but the desire to see my football team play won out. I’ll finish the job sometime this week. So I’ve got a dehydrator full of basil and Italian oregano, which I plan to put into my homemade Italian seasoning. I also have my oven drying another good chunk of oregano and some rosemary. I’ve still a good bit to harvest before the frosts hit, so my friends, y’all can expect a good batch of herb salt for Christmas this year.

And would SOMEONE please tell Rosemary that she doesn’t need to co-mingle with all of Greece and Italy? It’s very unseemly.

Oh, on another note, while taming some of the oregano, I noticed my parsley had decided to make a comeback. The heat got it very early on in the summer, but it’s decided it wants to live. I kinda like that. Maybe I should call that plant “Lazarus”.

Back to work tomorrow, but photos of care package contents will be coming as soon as I get everything in the mail. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for Stretch. Night all!