Storm Prep

Hurricane Sandy is going to batter the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast over the course of Sunday night/Monday/Tuesday…so I had to do some storm prep in advance. Would you like to know how I prepare for a huge storm that is likely to knock out power and keep us housebound for 48 hours?

Well spouse and I put the deck furniture away, and moved the grill close to the house. We made sure to have two full propane tanks, and moved the generator into the garage, having it filled up with gas. Extra gas cans are at the ready. Cars are fueled up, phones are charged, and I pulled out the emergency kit with flashlights, LED lamps, batteries, candles, and glow sticks!

We also went to the store… we always have cases of bottled water, but we made sure to add a few just in case the power goes out (no power = no pump from the well) and we stocked up on supplies.

Chips, dip, brownie mix, popcorn, soda, bread, lunch meat, wine, and toilet paper.

RIGHT. Storm time = junk food time here at the casa…I need to at least have mindless eating to take the place of worrying about flooding and high winds. Currently I have a pan of “everything” brownies in the oven. That’s gluten free brownies studded with caramels, marshmallow, and almonds… I’ll sprinkle some coconut on the top just before they’re done. Basically, these brownies have everything left over from my other dessert projects added to them. If it’s sweet and yummy and mixes with chocolate, it’s going in there.

Because if I’m going to be housebound with my children, I need fuel.

Tonight we had roast chicken, parsley potatoes, and sauteed cabbage. I swear I LOVE sauteed cabbage. I used bacon grease, and thinly sliced ribbons of cabbage in skillet. I seasoned those ribbons with a little mustard powder, onion powder, salt, and half a lemon before finishing it with parsley compound butter (the same stuff I put on the potatoes and under the skin of my roasted chicken). Dinner was delicious, satisfying, and if we have no power, I can make cold chicken salad, and a skillet bubble and squeak on my gas stovetop.

Now I’m just relaxing, praying for my friends up and down the coast, and hunkering down with the spouse, the kids, and the pooches. I’m confident that our preparations will see us through the worst of this storm.

Because NOTHING wards off a hurricane like “everything” brownies. Stay safe y’all!