Sports food and general catch up!

I’ve been immersing myself in the baseball playoffs, plus the end of soccer season for both Mads and the Boy. I’ve eaten a bunch of bun-less burgers, and enough wings to make me sprout feathers.

I’m almost finished with Stretch’s care package. I want it in the mail on Monday so she will have it in plenty of time to enjoy it. This should make her feel like she’s spending Halloween with the family even while she’s away at school. Last year was her first year away on Halloween and I think she really missed the treat part if the holiday.

I got a phone call from the eldest this morning. Seems my little buddy Jake was suffering from some severe gastrointestinal distress that kept him home from school. She didn’t know what to give him to slow down the diarrhea, so I went out and got some electrolyte replacing drink, some organic yogurt with plenty of live cultures, some organic apple juice (which she should dilute with lots of water), good bread for toast, organic applesauce, and bananas. Jake was happy to see me arrive with his “special food” and we had a little snuggle before I had to go back to work.


Paid off the balance of our hog from the wonderful Lee and Tasha at It’s Only Natural Farm. Can’t wait to taste that delicious pork with apples, or sweet potatoes, or farm fresh greens. And the bacon… Oh the bacon!!

Finally in the spirit of catch up, is the photo my Mads sent me the day after my gluten attack. She’s always looking out for me.


How’s THAT for “ketchingup”?


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