Early market morning

It’s an early fall morning and I am at my favorite farmers market one full half hour before they open. Most of this is due to the fact that I had a show last night and had to deliver my daughter to referee a soccer match at 8:30 but a lot of it is cause I am anxious to get back to farm fresh produce and to stock up on all the good fall stuff in my market. It doesn’t hurt to know that most of the eggs are usually gone by 915 so if you’re not here early you just don’t get any.
Show closes this weekend so we’ve been really busy wrapping up performances and planning our cast party. My contribution today is going to be chicken barbecue done in my crockpot. Also because it’s “Steel Magnolias” I’m tempted to make a batch of “cuppa cuppa cuppa” just to see what it tastes like! Of course lots of theater means very little blogging and for that I apologize. Once we close on Sunday my schedule should even out again and I’ll be able to return to blogging on a more regular basis.
In orher important news we got the hanging weight of our pasture raised pig that we ordered and it came in at a whopping 220 pounds. That is a lot of bacon. I have to admit that ever since I knew that the animal was going to the butcher I’ve been craving pork roast ham pork chops and bacon! Maybe this morning I’ll get to pick up some delicious farm fresh locally grown apples to cook with my pork. I’ll definitely keep you posted… I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday wherever you are!


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