What insomnia does to my plan

It’s theater “hell week” with rehearsals every night as we prepare to open.
Rehearsals = stress = insomnia = 4 hours sleep = exhausted me = caffeine = not exactly Paleo today.



How’s YOUR Wednesday going?


2 thoughts on “What insomnia does to my plan

  1. Discovered Paleo was harder than I thought. Made a delicious homemade marinara with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, and garlic…since I don’t use pasta, I have cottage cheese with my sauce and I got half way through my meal before I remembered that cottage cheese is dairy…DUH. I was so focused on cutting out my hard cheeses (I ate pepper jack daily with my chicken or turkey), I forgot about soft.

    • Hey Cyn, don’t stress the cheese. I mean do what you can. Just cutting the inflammatory grains will help. As you can read, today is a rough one for me. I will be glad for Friday so I can cook up some stuff to get me through opening weekend at the theater! How funny is that? Most folks I know don’t look forward to a day off work so they can spend it cooking. I do! By the way, your veggie ragu sounds delicious. I would eat that up like soup. 🙂 Hang in there, it’s a process and it gets easier each day.

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