Comfort food

For some people it’s mac and cheese, for others it’s chicken and dumplings, maybe for someone else it’s mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes…

For me, it’s nachos.

If I’m feeling sad, or depressed, or tired, or just kind of blah, the ONE FOOD that changes my attitude… without fail… is Nachos. It doesn’t have to be fancy, super loaded nachos either. I’m happy with corn tortilla chips and cheese. I think it’s the mixture of crispy crunchy salty, and creamy smooth cheese.

Tonight I got home after getting my hair done, and I wasn’t feeling like cooking something new for dinner. However, I had some of that delicious chili made by my husband. I also had 100% corn tortilla chips, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream.


In no time, I had a plate full of chili cheese nachos, topped off with diced tomato and sour cream. And in no time, not only was my hunger satisfied… my soul was happy. Nachos really are a cheerful plate of fun. They are interactive, hands-on, and that mix of crunchy and melty never fails to make me sigh with pleasure.

Plus they’re quick. Okay, so maybe they’re not the most nutritious thing I could have eaten, but every now and again at the end of a long work day this is what I do. Sometimes, I don’t want something I NEED, I want something I WANT. (Name that movie!)

Something yummy.

What is your favorite comfort food? Or more accurately, what food makes you feel happier/better, every time you eat it?


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