I need a recipe to cure my family!

I wish I was kidding here, but it seems that the mokus that has had my head clogged up and ears ringing has now struck not only Stretch up at college, but also MG who had to leave her soccer game at halftime due to a fever. By the way, the word “mokus” (pronounced moe-cuss) is my father’s word. Whenever sniffles or sneezes invaded my childhood home, my dad called it the mokus. It stuck. So now you know.

It’s been FIVE DAYS. Five days of clogged and ringing ears, stuffy noses, sneezing, low grade fevers… and general pitiful attitudes. That’s just the WOMEN in the family. The guys had this crap LAST week! So now they feel fine and every ovary in my household is a bit short tempered due to feeling like crap.

I’ve tried everything I know. Hot tea, juice, chicken soup, potato and corn chowder, pizza, a diet of water and Sudafed and NOTHING is working. So now I am begging, yes BEGGING for help. Please please share with me your tried and true recipes for food and or drink to cure my family. At this point, I think we may be willing to try eye of newt. So what do YOU feed yourself or your family members when the mokus visits your house? Maybe my chicken soup was missing a vital ingredient? Maybe I should have had my juice with a heaping shot or three of vodka?

Help me, internets… or you may be hearing about my family on a newscast near you.


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