Is there a support group for chef groupies?

Hi, I’m Stacy. I have an addiction to Food TV, The Cooking Channel, and internet episodes of “The French Chef” and “Yan Can Cook.”

My addiction is serious. If there is food being cooked on TV, chances are I’m watching it. If there’s a “Gleek” equivalent for Food TV, I’m it. I’m also addicted to Twitter. Mostly I tweet about sports, because I cannot fathom watching sports on tape delay (the Olympics were torture!) however my second reason for Twitter is to follow every celebrity chef I can find.

Currently, I follow:

Alton Brown – Hilarious, especially for his analog tweets (via Post-it)
Ming Tsai
Marc Murphy
Amanda Freitag – have actually gotten replies which caused me to “squee!” like a fangirl
Scott Conant
Aaron Sanchez – huge sports fan, just another reason to love him
Jamie Oliver – VERY informative, especially about Food Revolution items.
Anthony Bourdain
Emeril Lagasse
Alex Guarnaschelli – wonderful Tweeter, down to earth, interesting, SMART. Carries on Twitter convos with Alton Brown and Amanda Freitag
Ted Allen
Giada De Laurentiis – gorgeous and prolific
Guy Fieri
Bobby Flay
Tyler Florence
Michael Chiarello
Cat Cora
Paula Deen
Bobby Deen
Jamie Deen
Justin Warner – latest winner of “Food Network Star” SMART and quirky like mentor Alton Brown
Anne Burrell
Michael Symon – Opinionated, passionate, fabulous
Gordon Ramsay
Rick Bayless
Rachael Ray – Needs to tweet more
Rocco DiSpirito
Ree Drummond – Just like her blog in 140 characters or less
Mario Batali
Food Network
Debi Mazar – HILARIOUS!
Gabriele Corcos – Ditto
Marcus Samuelsson
Ina Garten
Aarti Sequeira – Love her. Down to earth, happy, always makes me smile. Follows a lot of gluten-free folks (YAY!)
Geoffrey Zakarian
Robert Irvine – Incredibly prolific and unafraid to show his brave heart. He loves his job and his new bride.
Mo Rocca
Donatella Arpaia
Nigella Lawson
Melissa d’Arabian
Brian Boitano
Kelsey Nixon
Simon Majumdar
Richard Blais
Martha Stewart – DO NOT JUDGE ME!!
Cooking Channel

If there’s a meeting of the “Addicted to Celebrity Chefs Support Group,” someone please send me the details.

And don’t EVER ask me about my Twitter list of hockey players. It isn’t pretty.


One thought on “Is there a support group for chef groupies?

  1. My father and I used to watch Yan Can Cook when I was a kid!!! Trailblazer…that’s what he was. Food Network and Cooking Channel need to thank PBS for starting it all!

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