We always eat well on market day

After today I truly know WHY I work outside the home. You’d think it was the paycheck, but I’m convinced it’s to get some REST. Today was incredibly busy, as it always is…. and of course it started out with a trip to my favorite place, the Home Grown Farm Market. I started market shopping for the oldest child and my Jake today. My daughter remarked to me that she is disappointed in the amount and quality of food she gets for her money while shopping at the grocery store. As she said “Mom, I’m trying to eat more Paleo, but I just cannot afford the prices at the grocery store!”

My reply was simple “You’re shopping in the wrong place.”

So she brought me some cash from her paycheck, and I told her I’d be glad to shop for her at the same time that I shopped for myself. Stretch and I headed out and we arrived only a few minutes after the market opened. I let her carry her sister’s bag, and I started shopping. Here’s what I got for her:
1 lb grass fed ground beef
1 dozen eggs (the GOOD eggs)
yellow summer squash
onions (red and yellow)
green beans
wax (yellow) beans
slicing tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
green peppers
red peppers
Total spent – $37

I added lima beans, watermelon, okra, and arugula to my market buying. I spent under $50. Last weekend I scored a huge deal on Nature’s Promise chicken at my local Giant. Each of the packages of chicken drumsticks and thighs had a coupon for $1.50 off, so I got high quality chicken for a super low price. I picked up all they had and stashed them in my freezer, and did the happy dance for the rest of the day. So I am going to be on the lookout for a similar deal for my daughter. After all, I want the best for her and my buddy Jake!

Speaking of freezers, one of ours died this week. With half a cow and half a pig already on order…we need to get another freezer and PRONTO. Plus, I can’t go to the auction and get veggies to put up for wintertime because I have no freezer space. This is really cramping my style, I gotta tell you.

Finished off the day by bathing the cat, bathing the two dogs, cooking a dinner of London Broil flavored with my nearly perfect chimichurri, grilled squash, roasted okra, and roasted broccoli. I have breaded okra freezing for storage, and tomorrow some beautifully breaded eggplant slices will take their place, so that I have future eggplant parm when I want it. I will be re-organizing my remaining working freezer, as well as cleaning out and rearranging my pantry. Things are out of hand there.

I can’t wait for Monday… I need a nap!

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