Happy Birthday Julia!!

Today is the 100th Birthday of Julia Child.

It’s also the day I return to blogging!  Coincidence?  Absolutely.  

So I’ve returned from vacation, caught up at work, celebrated my grandson’s birthday, and the Olympics are over.  Time to get back to cooking AND back to blogging.

Julia Child is the first chef I ever watched on television.  I remember being young, watching her on PBS, listening to that distinctive sing-song voice, and absorbing every single syllable.  I LOVED her.  I loved watching her cook stuff I had never seen come out of my mom’s kitchen. I loved it when she gave her opinion on food – like using BIG pieces of meat in her Boeuf Bourguignon rather than the small pieces she referred to as “cat food.”  I loved it when she turned her creations out onto their serving plates, especially when they weren’t perfect.  From Julia Child’s cracked layer cake, I learned that icing fixes everything.  This is a mantra I still use today.

But what I loved most of all, was that Julia Child… on camera… could absolutely TRASH a kitchen.

She and I have this in common.  I cook.  I do not clean.  There is a rule in our house I established early… “I cook, you clean.”  My husband agreed to this very early in our marriage, back when he thought I didn’t like to cook, and when I did I wasn’t very good.  

Guess I showed him.  Now a standard question in my house is “Don’t you know the meaning of ‘clean as you go’?”  

Well yes, I know the meaning, I just don’t care to do it.  Happens a lot in my life.  As an example I also know the meanings of “enema,” “ultra marathon,” and “sucking chest wound.”  

Amazingly enough, I feel the same way about all of those things:  no thanks!

I wonder if Julia Child left the kitchen clean up to husband Paul?  She was a very smart woman.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!  Thank you for inspiring me to cook, for showing me that mistakes can still taste good, for teaching me that icing is like spackling compound sent straight from the angels, and for demonstrating that a trashed kitchen is not my problem – as long as I’m the one doing the cooking.

Bon Appetit!


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