Happy National Tequila Day!

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday. I was getting my butt thoroughly kicked by pollen. I think I was in bed by 7pm. Thankfully, Stretch was home to cook dinner for herself and her siblings. After a bunch of Benadryl and some quality sleep, I feel a whole bunch better today.

Dinner tonight was the kind of meal that is perfect for weeknights after work. I fired up the grill and let it pre-heat. Remember those veggies I prepped on Saturday? The squash and the broccoli each got a good splash of organic vegetable stock in their glass dishes. I then covered them with foil and set them to the side where they would warm while our chicken cooked.

The spouse had pulled chicken from the freezer. Not just any chicken, but gorgeous free range antibiotic-free chicken drumsticks from US Wellness Meats. I seasoned them simply with the spicy tangerine rub from The Pampered Chef. (Told you I use all my products!) Then onto the grill they went. In almost no time they were done, registering 170 on my digital thermometer. The veggies were done too, and we ate a scant 15 minutes after I first started cooking.
As a bonus, in celebration of today, the spouse made us some delicious frozen margaritas. We were out of Triple Sec, so he substituted Blue Curaçao instead. It gave the drinks a beautiful color, and garnished with a slice of lemon, looked sunny and beachy with our grilled supper.
Here’s hoping you found a way to celebrate today!



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