My Saturday at the market

My haul for Saturday, July 21

All this goodness this morning at the farmer’s market. We are richly blessed!

Over the past year or so, I have gotten away from processed food, and have really stopped buying groceries at the big supermarkets by our home. Instead, we have chosen to purchase grass fed meats in bulk, and to “grocery shop” at our local farmers markets. We get produce, eggs, and dairy from local producers. All of it is seasonal, straight from the farm and a great amount of it is organic. I spend under $100 per week, and have developed great relationships with our local agricultural community.
I still had eggs, bacon, cucumbers, squash, green peppers, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, a watermelon, and romaine lettuce thanks to the generosity of my friends who garden, so I got to splurge a bit at the market.
Today’s haul: a 3 pound London Broil, 2 pounds of ground beef (grass fed!), locally produced Colby and Havarti cheeses, drinkable yogurt, a dozen ears of sweet corn, three cantaloupes, yellow tomatoes, zucchini, a mountain of okra, green beans, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, fresh sage, dill seed, and arugula. I also made arrangements to get a bushel of peaches and another of beans for my freezer.

Total spent: $84

I came home and cleaned out the fridge. I cut up the watermelon, added some cukes to the refrigerator pickles, transferred my purchases to better containers, and then roasted a pan of squash and onions, and another pan of broccoli and garlic. Stored in the fridge, this will make for quick side dishes during the week.

I store all of my food in glass containers. Not only is glass better for my family, I find that being able to clearly SEE the food helps me use it all. I will do a post on ditching the plastic at a future date.

So, now all my work is done, and the family is headed to the big city for a baseball game. Hope you all found delicious and productive ways to spend YOUR Saturday!




2 thoughts on “My Saturday at the market

    • I get it at the Home Grown Farmer’s Market south of the base. The beef is delicious. WAG meats sells there. He does do a short period of grain finishing, to add some fat to the meat, but the taste difference is amazing. I have put deposits on a half cow (grass fed and grass finished) from Glen Mary Farms in Park Hall, and a pastured and acorn finished hog from It’s Only Natural Farm in Nanjemoy. Now that I’ve had good meat, I’ll never go back.

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