The KISS of cooking

No, I’m not suggesting you do anything weird with your food! In this case, KISS is Keep It Simple and Satisfying (ok, technically that’s KISaS, but work with me here). A lot of folks I know are emphatic that they do not like to cook. They don’t like all the “fuss” that goes into dinner, or trying to be creative, or finding new recipes, etc… and I get that, I really do. However, I submit that if they took the boxes and mixes out of their life, and instead prepared good fresh food in a SIMPLE way, they would find their cooking and eating experiences to be much more satisfying and fun. Paleo eating, or any kind of eating for that matter, is really about satisfying your hungers. Not just that growling stomach, but the hunger you get when you want something GOOD, something to sink your teeth into. The food in my house is NOT fancy. I use quality ingredients and I season and cook them simply to bring out the best in the meal. For example, last night, I cooked dinner after working all day. Sound familiar? I had some quality pasture-raised pork chops, fresh yellow squash and zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, and cucumbers. (Oh, and those peaches too!) The pork chops got seasoned with some sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and the Dijon Mustard Rub from The Pampered Chef. The squash and zucchini were cut lengthwise, brushed with olive oil, and treated to the same salt and pepper. Then the pork, the squash and peaches all hit the grill. While dinner was cooking, I grabbed two tomatoes from my countertop (NEVER refrigerate your tomatoes!) and sliced them up. I also peeled and sliced up a cucumber, adding it to the refrigerator pickle container I always keep in my fridge. With one turn of the pork and squash I was soon done and the family was eating a meal that was simple, delicious, and satisfying. Time spent? Less than 30 minutes.
Sure, there are times when I want to try something new, or complex, or “fancy”. But most times, I keep it simple. Very few things are as delicious as fresh, local, IN SEASON, vegetables and fruit. Add in some quality hunks of protein that have met with the hot steel grate of my grill, and I am one satisfied woman. The right tools in my kitchen (knives, cutting boards, veggie peelers, and seasoning blends) make the work a lot easier and allow me time to enjoy COOKING my dinner as much as others enjoy eating it.
Cook real food, and cook it simply. I guarantee that’s a recipe for success.


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